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With Raiders Coming to Las Vegas, How Cybersecurity Works at Big Stadiums

With the Raiders set to relocate to the newly constructed Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for the 2020 National Football League (NFL), a lot has been done to ensure the safety and security of the team and its fans. While walking into a new stadium is always easy; the planning and infrastructure that goes into creating a secure atmosphere for great fan experience are immense. This is the primary reason why Raiders management and on-site engineers have been working hand-in-hand with tech companies in Las Vegas to ensure that everyone will be protected against cyber attackers targeting crowds when the NFL season rolls out in the new stadium.

But why should we focus more on cybersecurity?

The truth is that an event such as a live match brings together tens of thousands of spectators, and it is most likely that these people are using their Smartphones connected to wireless access points to share their experience with the outside world.
As a result, cyber attackers will always be looking for weak points within the wireless network protocol to exploit and cause harm to attendees.

Las Vegas Tech Companies

Cyber-attacks Targeting Stadiums Aren’t New

Cyber-attacks targeting arenas, stadiums, and other big event venues are nothing new. In 2018, the world was stunned when a cyberattack disrupted the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics hosted in South Korea.
In most cases, cybercriminals will target sensitive elements of the venue, such as internal systems or the payment gateway.
Although the desire for substantial financial gain motivates a significant number of cybercriminals, other high-profile events are attractive for other reasons. For instance, some cybercriminals may target an event with the aim of altering the competition’s outcome with monitoring systems or scoring equipment.
With this in mind, Las Vegas tech companies need to assess what poses the greatest risk to spectators and find ways of minimizing the risk while meeting all user demands and increased traffic.

What Cybersecurity Measures Are Needed to Keep the Stadium Safe?

Implementation of a good cybersecurity program will have significant benefits to the newly constructed stadium. Tech companies Las Vegas experts say that reducing exposure to cyber-attacks may result in better coverage terms plus a wide range of other exciting benefits.
Practically, the best way for tech companies in Las Vegas to approach the issue of stadium cybersecurity is through a two-pronged strategy:
First, the IT team must strive to prevent malware from entering the stadium’s computer system. A robust technical system is always the best and first line of defence against potential attacks.
In fact, information system security experts say that more than 80% of cyber attacks can easily be stopped with simple measures such as the use of robust cybersecurity programs. As such, cybersecurity experts must understand that they require a stronger perimeter defence as a critical part of the overall stadium cybersecurity program.
Second, the cybersecurity experts must minimize the number of damage cybercriminals can inflict in case of a successful attack. The stadium needs to have strong systems and policies that can quickly detect a cyberattack and stop it as fast as possible.

An Integrated Approach to Stadium Cybersecurity

A highly integrated end-to-end approach can play a critical role in protecting fans against cyber threats. The key element in securing such large-scale network architecture is implementing appropriate logical segmentation.
For instance, all traffic that contains customer payment information must be isolated from the other internal traffic. Team and player communication traffic must also be treated differently.
The IT team must also implement strict firewall policies and filters to help prevent user-on-user cyberattacks.
While securing a stadium may be a daunting task, Las Vegas tech companies are doing everything possible to get the Allegiant Stadium up to speed for Raiders.
Critical systems and controls that may help to thwart cyber-attacks are already in place, and all we wait for is the new season to kick off so we can join hands and welcome Raiders to their new home.

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