In our digital-driven world, your website is the face of your business. It is often where your potential customers first interact with your company and services, and you want your website to give a fantastic first impression of your business. So have you wondered how to assess your website and decide if you need a new custom-built website? Are you pondering why companies choose to update or upgrade their web design? Here are a couple of things to consider.

When deciding if it is time to update your website, you can answer a couple of questions to assess if your website is responsive. 

  • Does your website take more than five seconds to load?
  • Is your content outdated?
  • Do users need to scroll horizontally to see your content?
  • Do users need to zoom in to see your content?
  • Is your website hard to read on mobile devices? 

If the answer to most of these questions is “yes,” then it is time to redevelop and build your business a new custom website. While this might seem like a monumental task, there are several perks of upgrading your website, especially with the help of skilled professionals who are able to effectively customize to meet your needs. Redeveloping your website will improve your SEO, generate more leads, give you a better bounce rate, and even strengthen your organization’s credibility. 

First, improve your SEO (search engine optimization) with website design. Even the fundamental components of search engine optimization on your website can cause a notable shift in your rankings for search engines and help bring more visitors to your site. 

More visitors to your site should translate to more leads for your business. If your website is getting a lot of traffic, but you do not see an increase in leads or sales, a  custom website redesign should help with that. Improve conversions from your website by improving the digital lifestyle of your potential customers! 

Through improved web design services, you will also improve the bounce rate on your website. Your website’s bounce rate measures the number of customers who visit your website and leave without toggling to any other pages on the site. A good goal for your bounce rate is 40-50%. This percentage means that 50-60% of visitors are taking a deeper dive around your website, looking at your goods or services. 

Finally, your website will look more professional and accurately represent your brand for potential customers through a website reboot. Having a custom website will help position you as a leading expert in your field. If you haven’t redesigned your website in five or more years, it is time to enjoy the benefits of a newly formatted webpage!

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