Mobile applications are becoming more mandatory for businesses looking to reach more consumers smarter. Sure, every businesses does not need to digitally be lugged around on a clients mobile device, but often times it makes sense. When we opened our office in June of 2015 we specialized in web development, but as more and more potential clients wanted mobile apps, we had to adjust.

When you think about some of the biggest companies, many of them adjusted to their consumers to build a different product. Paypal was a Palm Treo (remember that?) data transfer app that just happened to also transfer money. Facebook was an app for rating college kids that happened to connect friends. Flickr was a chat app that just happened to share photos. All of these companies adjusted to their market’s feedback and Ariche Technologies is no different.

Once we started getting more inquires on mobile apps, we shifted our development focus to mobile. Now with almost a dozen mobile applications under our belt (and growing) we are happy we were able to capitalize on an important lesson of accepting our markets needs and making adjustments.