Ever thought about how to use your business to connect with other businesses? Start by thinking about what you are selling (goods or services) then how you market them. Are you selling you or what your business can do for another business? Let’s be real, people only care to hear about what you’ve got to offer if it is going to benefit them. A collaborative marketing strategy will not only build your business but position yourself in a way to look more appealing to other businesses. 

Some quick tips are:

  1. Research potential businesses you’d like to partner with and see what gaps you may be able to fill for them.
  2. Have a clear value proposition and an elevator pitch to match.
  3. Find out the EI (Emotional Intelligence) and values of the company you are targeting and see how you can target that part of the company.
  4. Don’t take things personal, if another business cannot find the value in what you have to offer- find another business to partner with.

As we all know, business marketing is a journey and we learn by trial and error. Hope we were able to give you some tools to launch your B2B marketing campaign!